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IG moderator recruitment

Message par Admin le Jeu 29 Oct - 14:00

what i expect from moderator IG :
-> help guest player to subscribe to the forum.
-> kick/ban cheater or shitty player (by following a chart i will make about that).
-> respond to new player questions.
-> promote the server

wich quality do you need ?
-> talk a godd english, and if possible, french
-> have a lot of free time
-> have at least 18

moderator dont have tp god, vanish, kit or any command of that kind, they also dont have access to the admin kit.
any abuse of the few command u'll get will lead to an instant and remediless ban.

I still want to apply !
Send a letter to the admin on forum with :
-> your real name, and if possible your facebook adress, in order to check your identity
-> your age
-> your level in english and french, and other langage if you have
-> your motivations
-> how much time can you give to the server each week


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